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Toys For Small Feline Hunters: Spot Wuggle Wool Ball With Feathers

For The Meow!


It is always nice have your feline buddy to jump and roll around at times. Not only this will help to keep them fit and healthy but entertained as well. So why get you and your cat this toy? Spot Wuggle Wool Ball will spark the hunting spirit in your cat!

What Does It Do?

Spot Wuggle Wool Ball is attached with myriads of colourful feathers to attract the attention of your cat and igniting the cat’s hunting spirit by mimicking movement of a prey. It will  enticed the cat to hunt, stalk and pounce at it. Its a great small cat toy with high play to it and easy storage.

Is It Entertaining?

Absolutely! The Spot Wuggle Ball will keep your cat entertain all day long, especially your cat is easily attracted to moving object similar to a prey movement, the cat will surely bat it around the whole day. Its a perfect toy for both kitties and adult cats alike.

Is It Suitable For All Ages?

Yes, it is. It doesn’t matter if its a kitten or an adult cat, they all will be interested with playing it. Plus, its made of natural fibers, so pet parents do not have worry anything harmful happen to their cat.

Still Need To Be Supervised?

It may be made from natural materials but the small parts may come loose after repeated play with it.The small parts that may come off might be swallowed by your cat and this could cause choking hazard. To avoid this from happening   supervision is required to avoid this accident from happening.




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